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A Few Select Tunes

Calen Perkins is a versatile singer-songwriter and guitarist with a hearty appetite for catchy melodies, infectious rhythms and emotive lyrics that describe his socially conscious worldview, penchant for travel and longing for connection. Coming from a background in classical music studied on the clarinet and piano, he has spent time living in both New England and California and traveled all over the world.  He has held day jobs working with at-risk youth as well as in the field of energy efficiency, all of which contribute to the themes of his songs and his unique perspective as a writer.

Before moving to Portland, Maine, Calen was deeply involved in the San Francisco music scene, spending two years as the lead guitarist for pop/rock band The Astral Force, and then finding an outlet for his folky side as one half of the acoustic duo Zej & Calen, which put out a Kickstarter-funded album titled "Last Station" in July 2012. Calen has released two albums of his own songs, "Runaway", in 2013, which included the track "Argentina" which has been used in two promotional videos. (See: Small Batch Preserves ( and "Endless Sky" in 2016, which feature some of his most popular songs to date. 

Lately, he has been performing with songwriter trio, Luniere.  They share the roles of writing and lead vocals, and blend rock, pop, folk and country influences for an intriguing mix utilizing lots of vocal harmonies.  Look for singles to be released from them over the coming year.


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